I hope holiday can last longer....
I get to see my ji muis everyday no matter is mahjong session, chui sui session or hang out session
Love them!
We went mid valley yesterday. 3 of us brought pairs of heels each from vincci.

After that,
Went to a "canggih-ness" place yesteray night @ damansara uptown.
I mean... i like the environment.
Nice place, nice service.

Teacher gave me 3 new pieces ask me try on it.
Yea this is no longer a rush preperation.
I will choose the pieces for FT carefully.
It will take about 1 year to 1 and a half year for me to work on it.
What's my next plan?
look for a good violin teacher. Score well in my grade 8.


my best xmas present!


unexpected 94 over 100

happy-ness me!!

Click to enlarge to read the comment! The examiner's handwriting very hard to see it clear....

Head to the curve with friends for xmas eve soon

Merry Xmas everybody!!

G Trip

Went to Genting with friends
The new friends were Hao Jun and Chun Hien
Went overnight with a total of 9 ppl.

On the day
We have brought the bus ticket 10.30 in the morning but unfortunately the bus left on 10.23 as we didn't read the warning that says we need to arrive 10mins before the time. Thanks to the bus driver at 11 a.m. who was kind enough to fetch us to the cable car station.

Reached there around 12 +.. everybody was tired.
Had a quick nap while waiting for the rest ( vivi and Jen ) to meet us here.

Poor Jen walk without her shoes coz her leg hurts!

Went Ripley's Believe it or not with the entrance fee RM 18
We seperated into 2 groups coz sandy and xm went shopping.

Back to the room.

We decided to have a walk during midnight and have a drink @ starbucks.
It was super duper cold!!!

Ok before we sleep, gambling session on!
Me and Jen didn't join them coz both of us were too tired and felt asleep!

Second Day

Changed and packed our stuff.
Checked out and we headed to the mushroom farm to have our lunch.