Skytrex Adventure

Sorry for the delay ppl!! i know u guys are waiting for this post damn long adi.

Went there with PTC colleagues along with phooi fun's friends.

It's a gd experience but i don't think i wanna go there again ( mayb till i got my stamina ). Nearly wanna quit half way through lol.

thx yen nee for the transportation yeah!

it's located in taman pertanian @ shah alam

hong yee, me and shiow juin

have u guys seen me tied my hair up before?

We need to sit on this bus to get to the skytrex

Once we have reached there, we need to sign this form.

Wearing the karabiner ( got this word from yen nee's blog ) It's like ... wearing pampers LOL... felt dam uncomfortable wearing it, especially when doing the flying fox...arghs.. the ass damn pain sial.

lockers were provided to keep our stuffs in

hong yee

can you imagine how tall is it?

scary not?

before we start to go the real thing , we had this briefing from this french guy. Warm up and get use with the karabiner and the pulley in the mini skytrex before heading to the 17 meters tall skytrex.

Zis Karabiner has tzo typez… one szhort 1, anotzer longz 1..” ( copied from yen nee's blog)


There are a few rules to follow when using this Karabiners and Pulleys;

1. Fasten them properly
2. Always have at least 1 Karabiners hooked unto the safety cable or to the cable
3. Short Karabiner always in the Pulley (When you’re using Pulley)
4. Long Karabiner always behind the Pulley
5. Make sure the rope doesn’t tangle

And off we go!!

this mini skytrex includes the walking on the woods, tarzan swing and a short version of the flying fox.

You have no idea how long the time past when i'm climbing this ladder!! I stopped for more then 10 times just the rest on the ladder!! I bet i'm the slowest among all of them who climbed this ladder. Haih wat to do? I dont really exercise often. The moment i climbed the first few steps up then i regretted adi ...hahaha

There's more ladders to climb after this!!! walking in the zig zag wood, short flying fox, long flying fox, tarzan swing, etc...

i didn't know there's a chicken exit till yen nee told me after i finish everything. I will consider taking it if i knew it because.... that time half way through i'm seriously dam exhausted of climbing all the ladders and doing all those flying fox acts. Muscle dam pain ok!!

I also got stuck half way during the flying fox. because i din manage to grab the rope when i almost reach to the other end. So it went all the way back. -.- The above picture taken by yen nee while waiting for those workers to save me out of the middle of the flying fox. Damn scary ok hanging up there alone!!

All of us make it to the end with a canggih-ness and stylish exit flying fox. Thx for all the support and helping me out when i got so.. tired... exhausted...and fear !! My heart nearly stopped coz of the tarzan swing. Is too... tarzan-ish ... if u get wat i mean ... lol

Yen nee suggest that we try for the extreme park some other day. LOL this also scare like hell adi still wanna try even extreme one!!?!?!

the end of my skytrex adventure~



it was ying hui's bday last thursday

happy girl :)

me and irene

u guys should know where we celebrated her bday right?

* look at the background*

mos pictures on the past few weeks * i can't remember when *

this time, some of my ucsi mates joined in :)

daryl, me and vivi

song lin

phyllis and pierz

one of my senior, hong hong

hong hong and steven

eddie and huey hsiang joined along too... didn't get to take pics of them.

* some one ko-ed on the night, lol.


Penang trip day 1

Hello kawans!

here comes day one pics...

actually i should say a night at penang, coz we just spend a night for day 1 in penang.

reached penang around 6 plus after visited my grandfather @ ipoh

sunset yo

phyllis and song lin pick us up kat gurney hotel
and head to northan for our dinner

Phyllis then drop us kat uptown.
We get to sit on the tricycle. Is my first time btw...

back to gurney...... We decide to have a walk nearby the beach....
and we saw this :

in case you don't know what's that... is fire yeah...

We also tried on the pearl tea @ the gurney drive

hmm.. the pearls is like a little different compare to the kl one..

dunno how to describe ....

haven got da chance to go gurney plaza... is close when we were there.

Then phyllis drove us all da way to autocity to have a drink.

is a nice place to chill out yeah..
will go there again.. whenever i drop by penang

Over night at phyllis house..

Scroll down if you wanna see day 2 post.
*****Can i go back to my foundation life??? haha

No more... pool... l4d..... movies... shopping.....

Missing to do all this now!!