how i feel now

some friends around me changed alot. Dissapoint me alot. It doesn't go the way where i expect them to react. I felt so hurt when they react like this. I felt that i'm no longer close with them. If you are reading this, u think is u, den is u.

Feeling so complicated now. I dunno how to react infront of this people. Act close to them? Act like nothing happen? It feels sucks.

Not really in the mood.



A post for you

Song Lin's Farewell dinner @ TGIF, Gardens.

She decided to quit her studies in KL and head back to her home, Penang.

I don't really know what she wanna do after this, but anyway all the best to you and good luck :)

Stephen and Christina brought her a huge bear.

I brought her a photo frame stick with lotsa our pictures full with memories in it.

Is my first time doing it btw, i've tried my best to cut all the pictures, hope you like it

all of us signed our name behind the photo frame.

Eunice made her a sweet video. but the environment was too noisy we can't hear the sound. just the pictures. If it was with the sound she sure cry like crazy..... haha

Song lin din cry mana tau Phyllis cried. hahaha.....

Stephen stole the hat from the fake cactus and put it on song lin's hat lol!!

posing with the hat, haha

song lin with stephen and christina <3>the only group pic we took on that day

Phyllis and Piercz send Song Lin to Kl Central then all of us head to Dr. Cafe, Mont Kiara a.k.a. the best coffee in the world .... -.-

I'm don't really like the coffee that i've ordered. It is some kind of orange biscuit blend with ice. Weird taste, but phyllis like it.

Thx to Christina, majority of our photos taken by her canggih-ness DSLR.

I wanted to post the video which was made by Eunice, but it still fail after several times trying to upload it. aih.. give up...

ps : going to Universal Studio tomorrow!! excited ! haha...

c ya guys......

Sem Break Trip

Leaving to Singapore in another 10 hours with my dear xm and bi syen.
We are going to Universal Studio!!
haha stay tuned.


So Sick

Can you feel the stress???

Finals is coming up next week till the 16th. And i'm so not in good condition now. Lost my voice for few days and now coughing and having cold. My nose block like crazy since ytrday night, i have to use my mouth to breath. It's so sam fuuuuuuu. Plus hearing some ppl complaining so much about it just making me feel pissed off. I did most of the work i din even say a word. AND now u are posting it in FB complain about it? COME ON !!! GO GET A LIFE DUDE. YOU CAN JUST QUIT AND GO BACK HOME ENJOY UR LIFE. EVERYBODY IS FEELING STRESS AND HECTIC NOW. NOT ONLY YOU!!

Next monday composition final project due.
Next tues Ear Training and Song Writing due.
Next thursday Ear Training and Choir Concert
Next friday band finals.

15th for HAMM
16th for Pop History I.

I know there are more ppl have more subject and projects to passed up other than this.
I'm not complaining OKAY. Just writing it to remind myself how close the finals was.

will blog after my finals. Bye.


my biggest fear

look at my eye bags @_@

Had my mid term for HAMM today. it really sucks because 99 % of the class includes myself dunno what willy was teaching. but luckily david save my life by teaching me some chapters like modal interchange and available tension. maybe need to take up some lessons from david adi.

my biggest fear.... haih..it's to SOLO ( a.k.a. improvisation ) i had this fear since the first day i started to learn contemporary music. And till now i still don't even dare to improvise !!!! What's wrong with me ??? i'm struggling each time doing solo. Either i will break down crying or just avoid doing solo each time. mayb i'm just stupid or have no talent in it or i shall just go back to my classical music, haih.

Gonna do solo for my next band song, perhaps perhaps perhaps, i still doubt whether i can do it or not. haih....

bye bye.


Bi Syen Bday

Happy CNY and Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends.

Gong xi Gong xi.

No CNY for me this year and is my first time staying back @ kl during CNY holidays too. Usually went back to ipoh every year.

will spend my CNY / Valentine's Day by playing violin/piano @ garden cafe, 1 utama. 6 - 10 p.m.

the previous one was in the curve, now is @ 1 utama. Don't go to the wrong place if ya wanna support me lol!


celebrated bi syen's bday @ nihonkai. His bday was suppose to be on 1/2. but we celebrated it a week later.

his current facebook profile picture -.-

He said that the cawan mushi cup looks like the chinese tea cup. wth!!

Sha Ting brought a cake from RT pastry.

We manage to surprise him with the cake because we told him before that we didn't buy any cake for him for his bday lol.

He gave us a shock face when we brought in the cake. hahahah too bad we didn't get any pics of that face

the usual tradition..

it was also Ah Huey's farewell dinner also!! She's leaving to australia very soon for studies. aihs.. dunno when i can get to see her again...

a picture with the faler. lol

omg i love sha ting's dress!!

too bad i'm not that tall as her. if i wear like that i sure look even shorter.

group pic :)


6 G gathering

Replacement as a pianist @ garden cafe, the curve today.

hm... first time doing this kind of performance in a cafe. Damn nervous. Thx to phooi fun who introduce me to this cafe to play. Which i got a quite last minute to get all the repertoire set and didn't really practice much either lol.

The piano is located in the open air area and beside was those lanes where ppl can just pass by and stare at you for a moment. Damn kan cheong ok!!! easily get distracted by ppl who passed by. And i also realize there's one guy take pictures of me too ( bangga - nya ) LOL

Did quite a number of wrong notes. because i could rarely hear myself as the environment was really noisy. The ppl from the table next to me keep talking non stop. Got distracted by them by their gossips also lol.

Anyway it's a good experience though.. hope there's more chance for me to play.

Attended primary school gathering 2 weeks back.

Had our dinner real late... is like around 9 p.m. only every one was here. plus not everyone attend this gathering as promise in the facebook event.

Some couldn't make it too as they have other things to do. Our class teacher also can't make it to this gathering. haih.. so sad right...

haven't seen them for ages already except for xm and sandy. Some since high school but some is like lost contact after primary 6.

a very kekok-ish dinner i had. Maybe is really long long time lost in touch. feel so pai seh i dunno why lol

But at least for hong juin i don't feel pai seh to talk with. haha i met him few times since primary school.

As usual, ss with my 2 lou yaos.

yeah 3 of us still keep in touch always since primary school.

from primary school to high school, and now till college.

we still keep in touch eventhough i study in cheras and both of them study in SS15.

this is what we call lou yaos. :)


Belated wish to bi syen

Happy bday to you yeah. Eventhough i knew you not gonna see my blog one.


hello ppl!

updates for the xmas caroling 2009. it took me too long to upload all of those pics.

It's a really long post yeah btw. mayb the longest post full with pictures lol.

Reached genting the day before our performance.
Everybody was so excited.....to perform.

but try thinking of performing almost the same thing over and over again at different location for 14 days.
walking almost all the genting hotel lobby/ restaurants/ cafe.

all of us become like dead meat at the end of the day.

even my feet also canot tahan wearing heels walking around, dancing around for 4 bloody hours.

Our poster which basically posted in different places.

the practise session...

but some one lazy to join in the practise session

Ming Gong Zi a.k.a. Caleb

haha no lah. actually he's with us for the practise session, this picture was taken later after the practise session lol.

group photo infront of the outdoor theme park.

Ah ming replace tian yi sometimes because tian yi wasn't feeling well.....

one of the hotel lobby, forget which one adi lol

stephen with sammi's heels. Lol at his pose!!

pik ying , me and jia wai plus the uncle behind

the uncle so semangat wanna join in the picture also lol..

the baby is sooo cute in this picture!!!

sammi and carmen

sammi with timothy's violin lol

i seriously dunno what they are doing in this pic....

3 of them really really addicted to psp.

everywhere u see them also playing psp games... haihh

look at ming gong zi face !!!

clarinet-tist meet the guitarist

a picture with christiina

Christina came up to support us and took lotsa pictures of us too.
90 % of our pictures taken by her ... haha

the pic looks like both of them just got married. haha

more posers coming up :

posers no. 1

no. 2

no. 3

no. 4 ( same person as previous, but different pose)

no. 5

no. 6 ( tried to imitate the k-drama boys over flowers )
imagine sammi was the leading actress while the 4 guys behind were the 4 handsome actors.

as i've mention b4, we also perform before @ the Francis Yip symphony orchestra xmas eve dinner

dinner before the performance

wait kit playing around the decoration with his head lol!! it suits the outfit also leh!

on the backstage, ready to perform

the girls

and the guys

the car outside the entrance there dam nice.
see yong jia so enjoy sleeping on it lol

another group picture

the night after our last performance, see their face so happy wei...

will update very soon.....