Ox Year

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

Gong hei Fatt choiiiiiiiii!!

Everybody chai chai FATTTT!!


Currently at Ipoh celebrating CNY with my relatives,

Will be back on wednesday.


To some one out there, whether u are reading this or not

i didn't say doesn't mean i don't know, i didn't ask for it doesn't mean i forget about it, do take note

back to the Unifest' 09

It was totally roxxxx! haha the main purpose we went there is because our lecturers were performing on that night.

We went there around 8 p.m. after our dinner @ KFC with eunice, phyllis, song lin, rays, ying hui, bi ying, kenny, kevin, david, and we meet up chian hui and huay may at there.

There's alot of bands, singers came to performed.

One of the band name 'Scene at the movies', yeah they are from melbourne if i'm not mistaken .. heeee.

OMG few of us got attracted by their looks! they're so cute!

* You may think they doesn't look gd in pictures or blame it on the camera phone quality ( no offense ah eu)
They look good in real life!! live!!




Next was the performance by the lecturers from the faculty of music!!

Students also get to performed with the lecturers too.

We didn't watch untill the end of the event. Fetch Huay May to the LRT station den me and eunice went Macd for a drink. ;)



* i need pictures from ying hui and huay may from the unifest'09. Email them to me or send me via msn.



i dunno whether i'm suitable to become a leader or not.
i dunno what to do today.
I felt that i'm so useless that i can't even give a speech well.
I felt so embarassing and so sorry for those who voted me.
i don't know what i should do now.
Empty! arhss.......

update about unifest 09 tomorrow.


Jury semester

The first week in college was gd ( except for those 8 a.m. classes )
See some new faces, get to know some new friends.
Alot music students enrolled in this semester.
One of them if u have watch ATQ/ASQ in 2006, the winner, Anthony.... ( i can't remember his full name)
if you have watch Astro AEC tv programme named Anthony's wonderland , yea he's the host for that programme.
Great to know him. Heard him singing and he sings well!! (DUH...)
And this semester i would have to face for my JURY and RECITAL. OMG i'm not ready for it!!
Ahh... gonna practice hard .....
13 days to cny.......Ipoh! here i come!!



Happy new year :)