Late post

Buffer Diner @ Cititel Hotel.

Celebrating Xm's 18th bday
Me, Sandy, Vivi, Stanton, Woan Jen, Sha Ting, Bi Syen, Lily and Hong juin.

Happy 18th Birthday !!!!

Stanton's mum baked her the carrot cake as her bday present.

Cup Cakes from Sha ting and lily~

Random Pictures. (This gonna be a long one)

XM's 18th!

My dearest lou yao turned 18th on 25th oct!!!
ok we just had our dinner at cititel hotel.
Going to sleep now, update tomorrow!
the genius is jux rite beside of youuuuuu


Movie again.....

Pictures with oskar and eunice @ mid valley macdonalds while waiting for jia wen and timonthy to watch Tropic Thunder.

Oskar went back not even half of the movie started.

Tropic Thunder is a nice show. We laugh most of the time in the cinema.

Jia wen and timonthy went back after the movie while me and eunice hang around in the gardens.

Around 9 plus, send eunice back to angkasa but before that we went macdonald's drive through to buy apple pie and banana pie and we saw fire works from our college! eunice said that that night was UCSI's annual dinner. fuiyo, so kua cheong.

Our view from macdonalds

the genius is jux rite beside of you


give you the world

Halo everyone :)

I Skipped Malaysian studies class again... oh yea.. this is torturing as class starts at 8 a.m. I have to get myself up in 6.30 a.m. but ended up woke up at 7.45 a.m. So what i did is i sms Bi ying, ask her to help me sign the attendance list. den tidur again lar.....

After composition class, went mid valley again, watched house bunny, coz sandy mention in her blog say is nice. Is not bad i think.


Not forget to get my outfit for my lou yao Xanmei's birthday dinner. It cost me a bomb. yeees she's my lou yao so is tak apa le.

ok. One great news to announce, Choir class no more already!! yeah the choir performance was on last friday. friday no need go college already. SHIOK!

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

the genius is jux rite bside of you


Bad mood

I'm totally in a super duper down right now.
1. I'm super super tired.
2. My violin skills was terrible as grade 3 student. ( no practice)
3. Rushing for my classical piano pieces done ( program notes not started yet, all the pieces not yet memorize) exam is jux on this coming nov.
4. I have no inspiration in my improvisation or composition. It's been weeks that i found myself lost in no where.
5. Terrible Freaking ass part time maid, use of my eye cream when she's washing my toilet. I just brought the eye cream last week and is freaking expensive and she stole and use it for like 1/4 of the total. SCREW HER 99!!!!
the genius is jux rite bside of YOU


Wednesday 1/10

Went Low yat Red box with PTC colleages.

Shiow juin, phooi fen, yen nee and hong yee

Dinner at gasoline in times square. Wasn't happy and satisfied with their food and service. one word, BAD. Pyramid outlet is much way better then times square.


Went pavilion, sg wang, and times square with xm, sandy, vivi, and woan jen.

the genius is jux rite bsdie of you