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Merdeka Eve

Tze Shyuan's Bday

Jeju Quarantine Trip


Straighten hair

Do i look better with straighten hair ?


Sam's bday

another bday celebration :)
it was held in the curve, paddington house of pancakes with sam of coz, xm, bi syen, diana, chee shan, eugene, sean, steven and his girl, and qi hong.
I get to know qi hong and steven's gf for the first time, others are all my high school mates/friends.
this gonna be a quick update coz i'm currently addicted playing dragonica.
and as you all can see the photos are in bad quality coz i actually resize it so that the pic will upload faster! ahaha.

the star for the day, Samantha Tan

qi hong, sam

steven's gf ( so sorry i forgotten her name ) steven and bi syen

sam, chee shan, diana

eugene, bi syen , sean

group pic 1

group pic 2

ps : wanna see how do i look like with my hair straighten?
stay tuned then! lol


Darren's bday.

Celebrated Darren's bday last thursday

Most of us went there straight to nihonkai after our pop history exam.

Is like finally the paper ends!! the one and only written paper exam for this semester. please please hope i will pass!!

the bday boy

Bunch of us. Rachel not inside coz she's the photographer~

the usual part.

fruit + cake = fruit cake?

andrew hates to eat cake, i wonder why???

Headed back to college for band concert rehearsal after that.
The rehearsal ended around 10 plus and some of us decided to go for the midnight movie.
We watched the ON HIS MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE a.k.a. 009
guess who slept through out the whole movie??

jia wen, the photographer.

We were the first to reach the cinema. So dam empty, and creepy lol
Did some ss-ing before other ppl came.

jia wen, ying hui


it's over, maybe not

today suppose to be the highlight for the whole semester.
the Modern Band Ensemble Concert.
And it's my very first MBE concert that i performed
I treat it very seriously and even get very excited about it ( in foundation we don't get to involve in the modern band). btw it's my first semester in degree.
but there's too many things really spoiled my mood for the entire day.
students? student's parents? friends? family?
is like almost everyone whom i care are letting me DOWN.
nobody understands me.
i still have my pop thesis, midi finals and music tech finals to pass up on monday.
After monday and that's it, my semester break starts.
but, why i don't feel happy about it?


1 week to go

left midi final, mtech improv recordings, pop thesis & assignments, p0p paper and band concert.
praying for this week hope the time past fast!!
i'm tired of all this stressness. i need a good sleep. :(

i just love the double eye lid effect after i have put in my fake eye lash.

taken my laptop punya webcam.

I also would like to thank sandy, xm and sha ting to come over to the university to watch the choir concert on last thursday.

It was their first time coming to UCSI and actually they got lost and nearly gave up after stuck in the traffic jam/highway for hours.

heee and still they manage to found it.

Although it was almost 9 p.m. then they reach. They still manage to watch me perform Jericho and Festival of Sanctus.

At least they didn't " bai lai".


Students having their piano exam this coming thursday and friday .

All the best to them.



tomorrow -

8 a.m. - 10 a.m. ( hopefully i can wake up ) , last discussion with ah eu before exam

11 a.m - 12.30 p.m.. ,pop history II listening exam

12.30 p.m. - 5 p.m., complete my pop history thesis draft

5 p.m - 7 p.m. . ,rehearsal for choir concert later.

8 p.m - 10 p.m.., choir concert

10 p.m. - 1 a.m. band practice

friday -

band finals


freaking stressful


i'm now on my discussion with alex, try to figure out what to write for my thesis!!

oh ya, I've changed my topic for my thesis.

The previous one i can't think of any facts to prove my topic.( mayb i'm too lazy to search for it lol)

changed to something like the - the contributors of the success of the motown records.

perhaps this is easier? lol .. i dunno...

when i close my eyes i think of pop assignments and thesis

when i open my eyes i think of pop listening exam and the pop history paper!!

Can't wait till 15th august when my semester break starts!!!!

zzz, gotta go.... screwing my head search for factssss...

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