Went 1 utama.
Had dinner at Wong Kok char chan tang

who's with me? of coz my dearest lou yao lo...



my new phone! =)

Went Forever 21.....

in greeen


3 of us ^_^


SE Traffic jam street party!

ok, actually i got da tickets coz my mum brought w350i.

Once again, headed to 1 utama after my teaching, went pening kepala to find da parking due it was sooooo full! When round and round, AND finally got a parking space somewhere at the roof top -.-

Some models posing LG secret. Pity them coz they just posing there for hours.....

i finally watch dark knight! but wasn't that enjoy though. Just imagine how u feel when u sit at the first row ....................for almost 2 and a half hourssss

5.30 p.m.

Stanton was at there lining up, so i get to cut line... heheheheh....

the faler

Song lin! :)

It was so sien ok staying there for hours! ended up watch kungfu hip hop with song lin.

Went back to the central park around 11 p.m. The concert still on, manage to go into the vip area with stan sis's pass.

my lou yaoss ( They are working for the event )

Saw Daniel Lee and get to take pic with him.

the genius is jux rite bside of u


SE Traffic jam street party

will update tomorow! tired! nite!

the genius is jux rite bside of uuuuuu


look what bi ying found beside the piano in the practice room!

still can't see it?? have a closer look....

Kittens!! 3 kesian kittens!

aiks... where's the mother? can't find her, she must have miss her kittens!! some one wrote a paper said "don't disturb the kittens" before we have reached.

the genius is jux rite beside of y0u



Officially using SE W960i.

Officially using SE W960i.

the genius is jux rite bside of u.




Sandy's Sexy 18th

July 14th 2008

Sandy's bday! again happy 18th bday yeah lou yao~

Went Nihonkai to celebrate her bday.....

the hello kitty, bracelet present i got it for her. Brought a top for her too.

Stanton vivi and others brought her a pricey top from forever 21, which is the top she's wearing in the pics.

She loves the hello kitty so much!


Stanton, Bday girl, vivi, me

Happy Bday~

love ya

the couple, jason and sha

pic 1

pic 2


Bday cake

Sandy with the cake

feeding her wif da cake!

group pic

kacau - ness

3 of us

They came to my house, SS alot in the music room....

Sandy <3

sandy <3>

web cam ~ more silly web cam pics will post up later =)

2002 de sandy =)

Sandy is legal to clubbing now!
sandy so hyper in this pic ^_^
-.- exhausted?

the genius is jux rite bside of uuuuuuuu