Carnival of the Animals

I'm tired !! oh well, as usual i'm tired always ( almost everyday ) haha

the 2 videos below are the pieces that i gonna play in the 2nd round audition. I'm playing the first piano. the guy sitting on da left.

Le Carnival Des Aminaux (Carnival of Animals)

Introduction et Marche Royale du Lion



hmmz... i like this electric violin! pink transparent electric violin a.k.a. vivo ice... the purple in colour one also not bad hee.... but is expensive...-.-

Kelvin's shuffle dance video

- enjoy ur clubbing tonight ya my friend ! haha

* tomorow i'm gonna meet my madams! can't wait!

the genius is jux rite bside of uuuuu....



I have passed the first round audition! woo hoo.. moving forward to the 2nd / last round of it. Ahhh practice practice practice........

What we gonna prepare is... playing back the same piece. but now we have to play TOGETHER with the orchestra members and the conductor too.. ahhhh .. that's quite hard for me -.-

Played web cam yesterday night with a friend, xiu long a.k.a. lonely bear ..-.-

He's showing his ocean blue + ash brown hair. He dyed it yesterday if i'm not mistaken.What he told me that he have dyed many many colours b4 (dark brown orange, maroon, ash black.. white, gold, grey, white, ocean blue, ash gold... many many).-.-i'm kinda jealous of him coz i never dye my hair before.......

He's kinda moody yesterday coz his grandma went in icu, anyway god bless ur grandma!

Umbrella (acoustic guitar version) - marie digby

the genius is jux rite bside of y0u :)


This lady RoXX to da MAX! Dam cool!

She got more den 150 videos.. all dam chun wei... Shes da Top 11 most subscribed (all time) in South Korea!

here are 1 of her videos..

Blumble Bee

check it out her canon rock, beethoven virus, Indiana Jones, fur elise and pirates of the carribean.. ( basically all of her videos are nice! ) all RoCk like hEll!

Soon i will be playing like her when i got my electric violin.. heee!

* Tomorow is my audition for being a soloist in the orchestra...

the genius is juz rite bside of u...


Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant


went jogoya last friday with song lin and phyllis ( my new classmates from ucsi )

We took the shuttle bus from our school to the LRT station, after that we switch to monorail and reachs bukit bintang.

In da LRT.....
Back view of phyliss hair................. damn yeng~

We sat the same LRT train with ming coz he is going to catch a bus that heading to his hometown ( Pahang) soon at Pudu.

Reached starhill after that.

We reached there around 1.25 ..Waited for like 15 mins before we went in. Because the late lunch only starts at 1.40 ... must follow the computer de wor the receptionist said -.-...

Introducing my classmates in UCSI ... Phyllis!

Song Lin!

This cocktail taste nice!

in da toilet... SS time! haha

Song Lin and Phyllis favourite mocktail

I love to drink this!

3 of us....

We had our lunch for almost 3 hours! Non stop eating wei... We left jogoya and head to pavilon to have a walk.
Bye Bye~

Passed by this shop, saw alot ppl crowded in and out, coz the models are doing their runway.

haha.... saw few musician performing that... i like the guy who plays the acoustic electric guitar. His hair yeng!

* I'm so happy that the summer splash event falls on a public holiday! The reason is because i can join my best friends to the event! ahh can't wait....

the genius is jux rite bside of you .....