Tired and tired

classes nowadays are just sooo crazyyy... hate tuesday and thursday the most...

luckily i just dropped out live sound design. Totally don't understand what the lecturer taught us . Maybe i'm not ready for it....

both contemp and classical piano pieces goona kill me very soon!!! contemp still manage to survive a little but now is the classical one!!!! i struggle alot in the classical piece. It's from Brahms.... haihss and a very totally not-my-style piece.

started to play back violin due to one of my band song. It's crazy because we only have 4 of us and 4 of us also major in piano!!! hard to choose songs for us to play too.

There's one thing that i hate the most is ................ UCSI doesn't have enough parking slot for all students who drive there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dam DL loh , i parked at angkasa today u know!!! and have to walk all the way to uni.

I've lotsa delayed for i dunno how long post - jeju island, ipoh trip, and also with the xmas caroling at genting highlands

please pray that i have the mood and time to blog about it.

pic taken @ tropicana weeks ago with sha ting.

Had our liquor session at one of the pub there. forgetten what's the name called.
Thanks adrian for the drinks too!!

will meet up them again very soon mayb on bi syen's bday.


RIP Grandma

My Grandma passed away on last saturday morning in ipoh.

Just got back from ipoh and rush to university for classes around 5 p.m. Had a little bit of pop history 1 class and the choir class at 6 p.m.

Was aiming for the 10 marks for choir since Mr.Kang said whoever become the sectional leader will get extra 10 marks last week.

Ended up - only me, teddy, xing zu and one more senior attended the audition and all of us got it even though we did quite badly in the answering question part. LOL

And we got "warn" by Mr. Kang to make sure to do our part well. Marks given based on our performance, so it doesn't mean i will get exactly 10 marks, it can be 5 or 6 -.-

if our section doesn't do well, 10 marks deduct from our choir marks!!! haih was really regret going for the audition.

alot things happen lately, will blog after i have reset everything.


new year eve

had bbq dinner at Leon's place. took some pictures but i will leave it to the future post coz i'm too lazy to transfer to the pc.

headed to pyramid almost 10 p.m. and guess where we parked our car??

Dropped sandy and vivi coz they are heading to mos. and we parked our car some where opposite yuen steamboat and we have to walk so far to pyramid coz we know everywhere inside pyramid or outside pyramid is gonna be blooody fullll...

fireworks taken from pyramid. credits to kar xin.

me likey this picture, sha ting and leon so sweet in this picture

was at the pyramid parking rooftop to watch the fireworks. Reached there 10 mins before the firework starts.
too bad nice spots were taken and we have to stand behind to take pictures and videos.

spot me and xanmei in the picture taking video of the fireworks

After the fire works walk back to our car and headed asia cafe for yc session.

bi syen, steven, me, tuck fei

with kar xin :)

sha ting wore dress for the first time!!!

and she look so pretty with dress plus she's so tall

should wear more dress yeah girl

off to bed now, bye guys :)