pre update

another update of a bday celebration. Lotsa friends bday celebration nowadays huh.

the star for the day 25/10

will update more once i get all the pics from the rest.
tomorrow modern band concert btw, do come and support us :)


Choir Concert Sep 2009

okay another semester of choir concert, this is my 5th semester involving in the choir concert. Whenever it comes to choir concert it also means that we are having finals during the week and what else after finals....., holiday!!!

2 months holiday yeah.... I have plan what i should do during the next 2 months!

1. PRACTICE - classical & contemporary

2. Ipoh trip with the course mates

3. taking extra classes from my classical tutor as well as contemporary tutor.

4. replace classes to all my students during December. I won't be free to teach all of them for the whole Decemeber month.

5. Xmas caroling performance. yeah will perform there for 2 weeks in Genting Highlands. Feel free to look for me yeah friends :)

6. last but not least is the shanghai trip! will be going with kenichi and the family.

still consider whether i should continue my violin classical / contemporary because i have stopped the lesson for months already because i'm too busy with my studies and teaching. Kah Mun told me there will be 2 contemporary violin tutors going to be interview. Definitely will have violin contemporary teachers for us next semester, i seriously dunno whether i should continue or not... oh welll..

Some pictures taken before choir concert.

i'm too lazy to apply make up for myself, unlike the past semesters. There's too many of students performing in the choir and i guess nobody will notice me gua???

me, song lin, carmen and audrey

with rebecca, the drummer for my band this semester

trumpetist and saxophonist lol

With eunice and song lin.
A big thank to miss lee jia wen for borrowing her sister's boats/shoes/heels i duno what is it called. I brought all my outfit to change in uni except for my heels -.-

Yvonne on MC

the junior choir. spot me!

next semester will be going senior choir btw

concert choir

senoir choir

the combine choir, senior and junior choir

can u imagine how many of us standing on the stage? some students can't even get a chance to see miss rachel conducting.

Will be having my very last exam which is my jury on monday.

keep on telling myself practice hard before it's too late. but sometimes i'm just too lazy to touch the piano... haih

that's all for now


Phyllis Bday @ Bangsar

Celebrated her bday on 10.10.09 night.

We suppose to meet at the uni around 8.20 p.m. Ended up i started my journey from subang at 8.30p.m. because i teached until 7 p.m. then it took me freaking long to dressed myself up.

Really sorry for them waiting for me.

Followed behind Pierz car and came to Bangsar Village. TSB that's what they called.

Song lin, Eunice, Stephen and Joellie waited us quite some time just because i came late.

my strawberry iced tea, nice!

Christina didn't make it because she have tons of assignments to rush.

Started our dinner almost 10 p.m.

my lamb shank
After the dinner we surprise phyllis with the bday cake.
She said she was shocked, haha it was a success.

happy sweet nineteen girl !

with pierz

with the girls

the cake we brought from baskin robbin,
very nice!!

the group pic
the worker had a very bad taking picture skill
she took 2 pics but two also very blurr -.-

Suppose to go for another 2nd round but unfortunately joellie rushing back to hostel by 12 a.m.
But after sending joellie back we had our very last minute decision to MOS.
It's my first time club with stephen and eunice. Excited lo

song lin very yeng ah in this pic!
but the night wasn't very good, lotsa uncles and the whole night is playing trance music.
the dance floor also not really many people so we decided to leave early.



have been really busy with all the exams going on for the end of the semester. Today ear trainig final was rather ok. Did a little mistake but i guess it should be fine. HAMM on next tuesday, have to start doing revision. Jury is on 26th october, one day after xm's bday. and that's the end of my semester lol.

Went to Sha Ting's hse past few weeks back. It was suppose to be our gathering but on the day itself bi syen brought 3 of his china friends over to Sha's place. He told me he wanted them to experience how malaysian celebrate our mid autumn festival -.-

Some photos taken by xm's new camera

the left over food.
We ate Fried Chicken from KFC, salad and mash potato.
The salad and mash potato made by Leon dam nice!!!

sandypinko came just right after her dinner with her family.

not to forget Leon's magic card.

freaking good in doing those magic card tricks.

Started to light up the candles and lanterns right after the dinner.

Headed back to the house to play games before bi syen and his friends
The atmosphere was rather ...... weird because Bi syen's china friends speak mandarin and sha ting don't really speak mandarin. Communication problem lol
Ended up we have to translate to both sides just to get both of them understand, oh well.

vivacious baby who came late because her relatives drop by her hse for dinner.

two of his friends sitting beside him. There's one more guy but i didn't took his picture.
Sandy said that that guy look like one of the actor in the boy over flowers lol.
will blog more after my final ends.



it was during one of the raya holidays that i managed to spend some time to have dinner with my girls. vivi some how couldn't make it. so, only 3 of us.

had our dinner in TGI, the curve.

Ordered 2 set.

sandy and xm shared 1 set

i have the other set.

xm's all time favourite haha

can't remember the name for this.

Actually our main purpose is to eat their dessert.
Their dessert dam nice ok

But i was too full with all the food that i've eaten ( i finished up the whole set ok!! )

so i have to give up the dessert adi, but sandy and xm ordered 2 mini dessert to fill up their stomach.


see how mini are those dessert.

next post : mid autumn festival gathering @ sha ting's house.