speechless ( 23/6/2008)

Today i met my lecturer, whom accused us for cheating in exam.

Lecturer : Hi wen dee, a good news for u two, the marks are not forfeited. Actually i hav spoke to Dr Phng ( Head of classical department) , we have decided that the marks will give back to u two. Actually i have no evidence that prove two of u cheat, and I am the one who ask u two to simply fill in any answer.

Me : oh ok.

Lesson that i have learned - DON'T BE LATE FOR EXAM

oK, yesterday, 22/6 was the seremban performance. Another incident happened which make my day turns bad.


aihs my bad again, the bow felt, ended up broke to two piece. It happened after the rehersal, so the whole night of the performance i'm using another spare bow that my friend borrowed to me.

I hate myself.


wai kit sits bside me in da bus


During rehersal

me and nicole

Me. I din take any pics of the performance, not in the mood i guess....

waiting for the bus to go back to kl

Another careless stuff i did in da morning,kena screwed by dad 99. please look at the picture below

the side mirror signal light of my baby vios!!!!

aihs... having bad luck these days..... tomorow having world music and english mid terms GD luck to myself -.-

- the genius is jux rite bside of y0u...



This morning, a very bad and stupid thing happen on me. I was accused to cheat during exam.

2 days ago, me and my friend was late for the aural dictation exam.( for those who dunno wat's that, it's a exam where we need to listen the lecturer played on the piano, and write the answers down) We missed out 3 question when we have reached. So the lecturer ask us to simply fill in the answer since we are late.

Just now, we had another aural listening test ( 1 on 1 test). After the test, the lecturer told me " wendee, do u know that your answer for the dictation 3 question u missed out was actually correct AND do u know that your answer was actually is the same as ___ ( my friend)? "

I was shocked. I didn't know that my answers were the same as hers. It was such a coincidence. The lecturer doesn't believe me. She actually thinks that it is too coincidence and not logical for having the same answer and the correct answer for the 3 question that we have missed out.

I was soooo disgusted! I NEVER CHEAT IN THE EXAM BEFORE. NOT IN TADIKA, PRIMARY SCHOOL, SECONDARY SCHOOL , or even IN COLLEGE NOW. Those who know me well should know i don't cheat during exam!

I request to resit the exam to prove that i know how to do the questions. Then she said that this is very unfair to the others. -.- She will forfeit the 3 coincidence question and there will be no marks for it . The problem now is, I didnt cheat in the exam! why my marks are forfeit for nothing! This is unfair to me, and my friend as well! because our sitting position is front and back. I can't even see her paper coz her body was blocking and she don't even turn around to look at me either.

After that, i call my friend and inform her about the "coincidence case" She was also beh song and her mood also as bad as mine. After she have sitted the test, she talk with the lecturer. Ended up the lecturer said that she will consider about it and inform us on wednesday.

My mood now - terribly sad and bad

Violin exam is jus few hours away. Oh dear......

- the genius is jux rite bside of uuuuuu.............................


my first Saman

here's da story goes....

I was on my way back to my house after college today. Instead use the kesas highway, i used the federal highway this time coz is much cheaper for da tol. After the cheras tol, i went to the fast lane and speed up. LOL, not more den 20 sec. i passed by a camera. I have bad feeling with it. Ended up, a police officer stop me.

polis :cik, nak pergi mana ni

me : nak pergi subang.

polis : kamu dak lebih 15 km. Sini 95 km sajer, u dah seratus lebih tau tak.

me : saya tau. saya lapar, baru cepat cepat nak balik makan jer.

polis : u P licence ( i just got my licence on end of march). Kalau kena saman, kena bayar RM300.

me : APA?! RM 300! saya tak ada cash lah sekarang ni.

Few seconds pass..

polis : ok. sekarang saya bagi chance awak. Kalau saman habis la P licence kamu. Saya hanya ambil gambar sajer la sekarang.

me : gambar? ( i thought he is gonna take my pic, but is da pic dat i over speed, heee..)

polis : gambar akan hantar kepada kamu, 2 minggu datang.

me : oh, ok... Terima Kasih ah!

Ah... thank god, he gave me a chance!

* tomrow violin exam - no practice - dead

- the genius is jux rite bside of uuu


Was very busy this days because of -

1. mid terms

2. violin exam ( friday)

3. piano class

4. replacement piano classes for students

5. performance in seremban (sunday)

-won't be updating this few days.

- the genius is jux rite bside of u...


High school daysss...

SMK Seafield 5H 2007

thx V Sheng for da video!

Spot me inside the video... LOL


- the genius is jux rite bside of u.....


Went pyramid alone today. The reason is because - to get my outfit for the orchestra performance. I spend 2 and a half hours in pyramid, end up brought few stuff.

- a dress
- a skirt
- a pair of shoes
- black top and bottom ( orchestra nit full black entire ) -.-

Total spend for today - RM 347.20

hee...i stil hav lots of stuff to buy, shall go together again wif my lou yao k...

* mid term is jux next week, sienz.....

the genius is jux rite bside of u...



Went University Malaya to play malay traditional instruments with my classmates.

Our malaysian music teacher, Miss Wong Kwan Yie

me and bi ying

jia wen, pik ying, jin fern

* i din get through for the final audition. hehe, will try harder next time =)

the genius is jux rite bside of y0u....



watched hand bell concert during lunch time. It was awesome!


Me and Ying hui

lazy to post da videos of the hand bells, juz ask from me if u wan


Took some pics with bi ying's electric guitar after that....
Phylliss , dee, eunice

I like bi ying's amp!!! so red, small, and cute!!

Finally, a pic of myself and my acoustic guitar ... =)

* will post more pics as long i get those pics from bi ying and ying hui's cam :)

the genius is jux rite bside of uuu...


Pics with my gfriends

SS pics

the genius is jux rite bside of you!`!