Late post. Anyway just blog about it.

Went Bangkok Jazz last thursday. It was my first time there. Bumped to lot's of junior and senior. One of the junior, Justin made his first performance there.

The pics is at all at Li Yn 's cam. Will get it from her asap.


It's been N years that i haven been to desa water park.

there's 6 of us. Song Lin with her boy, Phyllis, Pierz, Eunice and me

Me and Eunice had our SS session while waiting for the others to reach.

Eunice is veryy excitted!!

The day was ok la.. not much stuff to play.
Head to sunway for dinner after that.


Suet Mun's Farewell party

My ex-classmate, Suet Mun gonna leave to Melbourne to study!
3 years classmate with her @ SMK Seafield ( Form 1 - 3 ), after that she shifted to Sri Hartamas.
Last Saturday was her farewell party.
OMG the area was like so the canggih-nesss... haha... Jakun me never seen such kind of houses without gates AND with lotsa pricy cars around...
Among the classmates in SMK Seafield who were there are Ju-laine, Chee Shan, Chew Vien, Kah En, Ikram, Lynn Shane, Jia Yi, Tze Haur andTze Herng.
It's been some time that i hadn't see them around too.
All pics taken by my SE W960.

Ikram, Chew Vien, Me, Chee Shan, Suet Mun and Ju-laine

Lynn Shane in red , Kah En in white :)

There's a cute little girl brought her friends dogs beside the pool. She's very friendly. And there's a little scene happened after that but overall is alright. ;)

Tze Herng joined in

group pic


Sony VAIO? Apple Macbook?

Dad keep on scolding me for not appreciating what i've got. First was the violin bow cost Rm 2500 broke. And now my laptop, SONY VAIO. The screen got cracked and the motherboard seems like not functioning. Sended it to the service center today and i will know how much will it cost to repair on next tuesday.

Andrew and Kevin was asking me to join them to get a Apple Macbook on April during the next PC Fair. He said if 3 of us buy , then we might get cheaper or more accessories if i'm not mistaken. I shall consider about it once the repairing cost is out on next tuesday.

Rays suggest that i sell the laptop off after repairing and use the money to buy Macbook. Hmm.. will think about it...

Back to sunday.

Hao Jun brought us to Souled Out @ Sri Hartamas for dinner.

Bi Syen, Chun Hien, Daryl, Steven, Sha Ting, Xm and Sandy were in too.


Part of us

with sha ting in ;)

After the dinner, all came to my house for mahjong, cards, and give bi syen a surprise mini fireworks to wish him bday. But it didn't turn well, all because of me haha.. wrong timing.. .. oh well :X

**Something bad happened and i hope ya guys don't feel scare yea! I have get use to it. I'm ok with it.

end here, bye


19th Cheah Bi!

Happy Birthday to Cheah Bi Syen~~!

May ur wish come true~

He came to my house around 10 p.m. for mahjong session.
Sandy and Xm are the other 2 kakis.
The clock strike 12 a.m. and we wished him! He's very happyy hahaha..

All the best in everything yea!

2 Fat choi with 1 hong zhong.

Xm, Bi syen

Bi Syen , me

Bi Syen's signature pose!