Pictures of Choir performance

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Sloggi : Art for Humanity @ Sunway Lagoon


ji muis

New friend
She's friendly!
my hair dam jor dang!

enjoying da wave
next stop
Forever 21 - fitting room

nice view ^_^

Meet up Hj, our x classmate, didn't see him for ages....
@ Flaming Buffet Steamboat

me and hj
got my hair highlight, wasn't satisfied though. will go dye/highlight one more round :)
the genius is jux rite bside of u


Today after finals, went PTC 1 p.m. till 7 p.m. to do
: replacement class ( sat i dun wan to teach)
: extra class ( students having exam thursday and friday )
Tomrow even worse 10.30 a.m. till 9 p.m. no break wei!!
Today i received a sad news. One of my student not going for exam because family problem! Her aunt call the police said that her mum abuse her! ahhh.. she was send to dunno what "rumah" to take care. So she's not taking exam.. ahh... Her family memang alot problem. I felt very sad for her. :(

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Sem Break Starts

Finals end tomorrow!!

No more world music!

No more malaysian music!

No more Aural!

No more Theory!

No more English!!


Here comes Accounting! film and arts ! AND MALAYSIAN STUDIES!

Will see my classmate next sem!

gd luck to my lou yao xm for driving exam tomorrow! no worries k!

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Currently in love with

Shinee - Replay

This girl translate the song replay into english version, she sings and play with the guitar. I like her voice ^_^

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Beijing Olympic 08.08.08

fu wa <3

i like the red one most.

the bird nest

count down

I'm waiting to watch :



gymnastics rhythmic

synchronized swimming


tonight will watch the opening ceremony... can't wait!

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Teacher's are robot

Aihss.... ppl use to say money hard to earn....u need to work hard to get money. Now u give me money to work i also dun wan adi... now my life is stress up with teaching in schools and privately, orchestra, college classes, piano class, violin class and PRACTISING.

Kinda regret to start teaching 2 years ago. Now i wanna let go my students also can't adi. Must continue!! We ( teachers ) in PTC gonna boom someday! Students juz passing to us like nobody buisness..... Teachers also human ok!! We work for u 6 hours each during weekends ( no break in between, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ) is freaking tired adi!! and now still wanna add!! mayb u think 6 hours is just so short time but is really soo tired ok!! dealing with students is really waste of energy mentaly and physically especially if the students is DAMN NAUGHTY!! Scream around and chase around the students is just freaking exhausted.

My time is full, teached 13 students in total (not counted privately), 12 during weekends and 1 on wednesday. And yet the school is keep on convincing, and... "force" us ( teachers) to take up students... ..soon i'll get crazy!!

Colleagues life in PTC

One of my colleague doing full time over there. Work Starting 9 a.m. to 9p.m. almost everyday!!
Felt kesian for her lar!! The receptionist a.k.a. auntie keep on pushing her... "force" her to take students. She dead tired adi la... summore want her to teach. She's soft and seldom voice.. she her ownself dun wan to take so many students also didn't voice out. Even the time to practice her pieces ( she wanna upgrade herself by taking diploma) also no time! all pack with students students and students!!

Another colleague of mine who teachs violin was rather smart. She give banyak banyak reason to auntie for not teaching for one more day as she's teaching violin during friday and the weekends. But other than teaching in PTC she also teach in other schools. She also need a rest la!!

My friend here who teachs piano also having a bad time suffer this school. She holding a full time job as a clark and also teachs in school and privately. In the meantime she also upgrading her self by getting cerths. Other then weekends ( 9 a.m - 3 p.m.), every wed she have to go to the school to teach just ONLY 1 student. Petrol also rugi adi lar!

The boss a.k.a. C doesn't wanna hire teachers. I recommend alot teachers to her but she insist to have their own students who learn under PTC to become teachers. ( Me and the guitar teacher are expectional, we didn't learn from there before). I inform C that i wanna teach only 1 day but alot of crap reason coming out from her mouth. I'm too tired to argue about that.

The auntie is just... doing NOTHING other den cleaning the school!! Half of her job which suppose to arrange teachers time table with the students just give it to the teachers to do. Teachers have to call to the students or their parents to arrange time personally using our own handphones. AND she loves to sms teachers to call the her, so when the teachers call her ended up she asking nonsense. I kena lots of time! If students were late like 5 minutes for class the she will ask the teacher to call the student why they are late or wat so everrrr.... HALO.... this suppose to be HER JOB ... not teacher's job!! We come to the school to teach.. not to do ur job!!


Having my finals tomorow, bye

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finals starting this coming tuesday.

haven start my revision at all.

was soooo busy busy busy this few weeks.

Those who wanna watch choir concert perform by ucsi music student, please come on

6/8/08 Wednesday


University College Sedaya International

* Free admission


performance from my orchestra ( PJYCO), i taking part with the violin I.

16/8/08 Saturday

8 p.m.

University College Sedaya International

* Middle seats - RM 30 Side seats - RM 20

Who want tickets can ask me for it through msn, or cbox.
the genius is jux rite bside of uUu