What time is it now?

What time do you see?

update when i'm freee!

* bi ying, yong jia, jia wai, anthony u guys missed the fun!!!!


Chun Hien turns 19!

Went to chun hien's bday celebration instead of the modern band concert on that night.
We went 3 places that night.

first location - full house, NZX to have dinner.

bday boy making his wish~

the guys


sandy, sha ting and leon

lou yaoss

Next we went the curve for shisha but unfortunately there's no more shisha available adi..

So we change our destination to al safa.

Before we leave, we took some pictures .

During our way to al safa


hao jun

and the driver, daryl

first group pic

2nd group pic


It's been 4 months i hadn't step in to mos
The last time i step in was last sem sem break!
Since it was ladies night, me and xm decided to join sandy and her classmates.
here are the some pictures taken ->

at pyramids toilet

mos toilet :)

see kee, sandy and vivi

Me and xm left damn early that day... around 1245 a.m.
The others is still inside enjoying themself :(
Headed back to pyramid to get the car.

will update on chun hien's bday tomorrow

*** 16 UCSI university music students are going to sunway lagoon on 22/4, wednesday!

r u a music students from UCSI? join us then! heee


Sem break!

Gonna enjoy this sem break to the max because next sem i will be ... very very busy with degree life :) bye bye foundation year!

* Also Hope that i pass my jury and other subjects if not i have to extend !

Updates soon.!


Jury - done , left OA paper.

I felt that after gone through recital, jury is just like.. nothing....lol

Not really that nervous compare to the recital one. Everything just goes smoothly as it is. * Except for some mistakes *

The upright piano that i played on it was really.. no.. no.. good. Out of pitch, bad touch, and noisy pedaling was... a no.. no for me... I wasn't expecting this kind of piano. Since it was a jury, i even thought of playing on the grand piano instead of an upright piano.

Here's the update for the choir performances, before and after :)


I suppose to reach there by 11 a.m. to photostat the program notes for the choir performance. But yeah, when i reached there is already 11 plus. Thx to ying hui, rachel and kevin who did all the photostating job.

After photostating, we need to fold it and staple it.

Folding and stapling the papers won't be done so fast without ying hui, rachel, kevin, anthony, bi ying, jia wai, pik ying, huay may and everett. 200 copies done within an hour! Thank you guys again yea.

location - room 109

Bi ying posing with the program notes. yellow is her fav colour!

look at oscar's tie!!

Bi ying and jia wai

Kevin with his macbook!! What's anthony doing behind kevin?

Watching movie using my laptop! lol

From left - Everett, ying hui, zedes, huay may and pik ying

The performance started at 8 p.m with the song Come Gentle Spring by Haydn.
senior and junior choir

junior choir only

The percussionist for the song Oye.
from left - bi ying, me, yaw and ganesan

Some pictures after the performance

group photo


So fast!

woo hooo, i just got back from choir performance. I suppose to blog tomorrow but.. yeah... heehhe

Jia Wai just msg me in msn and post a link of one of our song in choir performance in you tube...Then I was like.. so fast? the performance juz ended onlly.... haha... This is the song Come gentle spring sang by UCSI University senior choir and junior choir. Enjoy!~

Will blog more about it tomorrow :) Study for moral exam first......


i'm going to watch

I'm going to watch his concert with my lou yao xm!

AND good luck to all my friends who are having finals! study hard and all the best :)


is not end yet

hmm recital had just over.

I can say that i played not really good. Damn nervous when go up to the stage. David said that i played not enough groove. Took a video of my recital but i dun dare to post up here coz is not good yet .. haha.

What's next? JURY!!!!!!

Scales and sight reading exam tomorrow! Sight reading is my biggest enemy and i hope i do well tomorrow!!

for the pieces, I'm too focus on my broadway song and neglect the other 2 piece. Need to practice more adi. 13/4 is the day~ ( next week )

I still need to revise my moral studies and office application. Both papers come really soon too.

AND the most important thing...

Do come and see us for our choir performance on thursday 9/4 night @ Block C UCSI University. Every student compulsory to bring 1 friend there! Any of my friends going please contact me. I don't have any friends confirm going.



hmm... today i got whacked by someone. 18 year old girl got whacked by someone.


The someone i'm talking is refering to my mother.

Did a mistake and kena hit by her for like 4 - 5 times at the arm part.

u guys must have think that, 18 year adi still got hit by her mother? Yes, what i'm saying is true.

Tomorrow is my recital day. First recital in uni. I wonder how it will turn up when there's not enough practice.

Next thursday is my choir performance day. Will any of my friends come to watch it? I have no idea.

I'm just very... very sad now.