1 more day to 01-01-10!!

happy new year everybody!!

love this picture the most that i took from wu xi, china.

i've forgotten the name of this place but definitely i will go back there in the future because of the stupid tour lady, we had to just rush and walk and see things in just a short time.

headed to the uni today to help up miss chin for the arranging course files, paper work, etc. Reached there around 1 plus only realize she's out for lunch.

so i Walk around the school and Met this stupid security guard and he asked me some stupid question.

guard : You belum habis belajar ah? kenapa sudah lama saya tengok you belajar di sini?

me : belum ( i just study here for like 1 and a half year, consider lama? -.-)

guard : oh, mesti sudah fail kan, banyak fail fail.

i just ignore him and walk away. Cis betul that fella, freaking angry when i heard him say all this words.

* can't wait for the countdown tonight, hope everything goes well

i'm back!!

after the china trip for 9 days


xmas caroling @ genting highlands for 14 days

finally i'm back to my home sweet home.....

the china trip was fun overall,

love wu xi places and scenery the most. Definitely will go there again in the future.

xmas caroling was fun yet tiring. regret to buy such a high heel boots ended up i have to suffer all the pain!!!!

it's a good experience though , we also get the chance to sing at Francis Yip symphony orchestra xmas eve dinner right before the show start.

back to home now, try my best to watch as much dramas as i can before the school reopens

hectic life starting very soon .... :(

a must watch taiwan drama :

this drama earn very much of my tears,

watch it yourself

pps have it till episode 13

waiting them to upload all of the episode.

p/s: finally i know why rou yen started the pink panther dance to put in to our xmas song. i can't believe it was from one of the taiwan series acted by luo zhi xiang and rainie yang. -.-''

will update soon....


Away from home 1/12 - 25/12

leaving malaysia to shanghai in another 6 hours.

will be back on the 9th.

After that will be going up to genting on the 10th to 24th for the performance, feel free to support us yeah.


xmas caroling 2nd photoshoot

had our 2nd photoshoot last thursday.

Mr. Lee came and help us on our songs and help us to take the pictures too.

found this picture of him in kenny's cam

very.. very.. rude LOL!

kenny will be the one who transfrom to santa claus during our performance

wearing santa suit which Mr. Lee brought for him.

and this is how he look like !!

We had our practise first because we are waiting for zi ming.

He rush back here for the photoshoot once he reached the airport.

I dunno exactly which picture will be on the poster.

here are some pictures taken but i still prefer the pictures from the first one.

it's really tired and stuffy inside the room.

tired with the posing and the air cond is close on that time.

i guess everyone tried their best to pose and smile infront of the camera.

ss around while the guys changing for their 2nd outfit.

feel free to put ur money to stephen's santa hat....

ok more pictures come :

more pictures taken actually but i just upload few of them ni.

now all of us struggling to memorize the lyrics for more then 20 over xmas song.

in another 2 weeks, we must be able to perform in front of everybody.

wish us luck ;)



Had a really small party that night, inviting my close ones in subang and friends from ucsi.

Some friends couldn't make it coz they already back to their hometown... sad .. sad..

sandypinko "new hair style" with sha ! RawwwwRRR~!

we like it rough and dirty... only u ts...

ts with the kiss face, lol!

ss-ing with the big mirror in my dinning table...

the cake from RT pastry, very nice!

just 6 of us.....vivi couldn't made it coz she have a dinner to attend.

bi syen came late, very very late..... he came right after sandy they all left. but still manage to stay for an hour.

from the left, rachel, audrey, ying hui, bi ying, me, carmen and jia wen

ying hui struggling to finish up her drink ... hahaha....

i guess is her first time for chivas...

i felt i'm the outsider in this picture :(

self timer 1

self timer 2

it was quite funny at the end of the day... the girls drank milk instead of the liquor.....

keep taking the milk from the fridge but no one touches the liquor...

some didn't drink coz having finals the next day.

omg l4d 2 had released and all of us gonna get the disc so we can play when we are up to genting for the 2 weeks!!!

can't wait... tian yi and yong jia tried and they said was funn!!!

next will update the our 2nd photoshoot for xmas caroling.

bye bye :)


the b'day

thx for all the wishes from all my dear friends!!
thx to sandy and tze shyuan for coming to my hse yesterday because they have their finals the next day which is on today.
thx to my ucsi music friends came all the way from kepong, pj, cheras and setapak.
will update soon. :)


photoshoot for xmas caroling

Had the photoshoot for the xmas caroling last tuesday.
sad to say that all the hard work ( make up, posing ) that we did is just a waste :(
we need to reshoot the picture because genting agent wasn't satisfied with it.
one of the reason : girls need more heavy make up

outfit for our performance.

cute lil rou yen~

with ah ming and tian yi

tian yi got the scarf from the last year group who went for the xmas caroling.

we had our practise before our photoshoot start.

still practise is more important compare to the photoshoot.

sammi :)

her mum's friend gave us discount for buying the boots from them.

audrey, rachel & jia wen


we went up to 3rd floor to get our photoshoot done.



yong jia couldn't make it coz he have orchestra practice.

Wei le replace him for the photoshoot.

the 3 guys from the left : Wei le, kenny and tim's pose so random!! lol

with kevin

the alto's

sopranos, beatrice not in the pic coz she left straight after the photoshoot.

it's her bday on that day btw.

ends this post with this pic of the couple...

hopefully they will accept our pictures after we have retake the photoshoot.


Modern Band Ensemble Concert Sep 2009

my 2nd semester in MBE.

never expect that i got in the same band with Mr. Disco, which made me and the other band mates suffer in this semester.

oh well lucky is a short semester, looking forward when next semester start, send in already with the band request letter, hopefully Juan will approve.

The concert started off with In The Stone by Earth, Wind & Fire.

Anthony, the lead singer along with the back up singer stephanie, derene and kai sing
Emma on drums, Nickson on percussion, kevin on guitar, Steward on bass guitar, Yi fen & Ganesan on keyboards and huay may on piano.

Not to forget the horns section
Audrey on baritone, Voon Foong on Tenor sax, Carmen and Victor on trumpet
Eddy, Dave and Chern Yau on alto sax

oh there's one more, Zi Wen on French horn, she's not in the pic i wonder why, the pic taken during rehearsal.

next was the killing song, demon's eye @@

Ehsan on vocals and keyboard, me on keyboard, dave on sax, eugene on guitar, rachel on bass, rebecca on drums, and ah eu on tambourine.

a song which can makes ppl pukeeeeee hahahah.... never ending repeated riff @@

actually the remaining 8 songs i only take videos of it. didn't take picss of the other bands. too lazy to upload the videos sorryyy.

Some pictures taken after the concert.

my eye bags @@

ying hui, jia wen, quek, me, carmen and dave

that's all for now :)