new gadget

brought a camera today @ pyramid.
it's DSC -T900


ladies night

Another ladies night.

This time more friends from UCSI joined in :)

me and jessie

my lou yao

with eddy

sandy, see kee, vivi and me

with chun hien

on the dancefloor

me, jessie, yi rui and clarrise

with more friends in.
sandypinko ko-ed that night.
yc with hao jun and friends after that.
suppose to go ss15 after that with eddy they all but i was too tired for it adi.
reached home almost 4 plus , showered and chitchat with jessie a while .
slept at 5 .30 a.m, which explain why i'm late for band practise and missed my violin class.

p/s : si beh tahan my hair colour adi. time to fix it !!


mid term

my precious phone.... touch screen not functioning....

argh.. why this time come and rosak!!


how's ur midi doing my friends? i'm still on my 5th page.. 10 pages to go !!!!

gd luck to me :(

mid terms around the corner too.. study hard everyone!

*happy 19th bday to ah yan a.k.a. rachel
will celebrate with you on this coming wednesday.
may ur wish come true~


tired day

i only have 3 plus hours sleep yesterday!! i'm late for band practise and i missed my violin class in the morning. I knew that i'm not goonna survive till band class so i went song lin's place to have a nap and skip to watch recital. But still, i was half awake during band class.

I also skipped teaching class and went macd to have my breakfast + lunch + tea time.

reached home around 6 plus p.m and bath. Quickly take out my violin to practise because i have another violin class at 8.30 p.m. Was rushing to practise like hell coz i didn't touch my violin for a week lol. but in the end the class turn out well :)

headed to nihonkai to have my dinner/supper and fetch mum home.

and now i'm on my bed. lying like a dead pig. haha

btw this year bon odori is on 18th july wei. but I won't be in malaysia that time!! arggh have to wait another year :(

Bon Odori Festival 2009( Selangor )
Venue : Panasonic Sports Complex (formerly Matsushita Centre)
Address : Lot 4, Persiaran Perkilangan, Seksyen 21, Shah Alam,Selangor
Date : 18th July 2009 *
Time : 5pm onwards
Tickets : Free Admission
Phone : 03-2274 2274 (Japanese Club of KL)
Free Shuttle Bus from Shah Alam KTM Station to Matsushita Stadium is provided.

next year is a must!

will update soon....


been tagged :)

Guess who i bumped into @ tanjung yesterday night?

Bi syen!

It's been sometime i hadn't see him around although he just stay 2 rows away from my house.

The last time i saw him was back in february.

And he told us that he gonna treat us once after he finish his exam!!

can't wait! lol

Tagged by han liang a.k.a. lil gun and bi ying a.k.a. yellow

001. Real name: Wan Wen Dee
002. Nickname(s): Dee
003. Age: 18+
004. Horoscope: Scorpio
005. Male or Female: Female
006. Elementary: Tadika Rose Petal
007 Middle School: SJK (C) Lick Hung
008. High School: SMK Seafield
009. College school: UCSI University
010. Hair colour: half black half brown
011. Long or short: long
012. Loud or Quiet: what do you think?
013. Sweats or Jeans:
014. Phone or Camera: Camera phone
015. Health freak: not really. i don't exercise often and i eat ALOT
016. Drink or Smoke: Drink
017. Do you have a crush on someone: currently nope
018. Eat or Drink: EAT !!
019. Piercings: 1 on the nose , 1 pair on the ears
020. Tattoos: Feel like getting it soon **
021. Social or Anti-Social: i guess i'm social?
022. Righty or Lefty: lefty !
023. First piercing: can't remember
024. First relationship: can't remember
025. First Best Friend: Sandy Lim, Xanmei
026. First Award: can't remember
027. First Kiss: can't remember
028. First Pet: Guinea Pig
029. First Big Vacation: still planning
030. First Love at First Sight: don't have
031. First Big Birthday: still planning
032. First Surgery: can't remember
033. First sport you joined: Badminton
034. Orange or Apple Juice: Watermelon juice
035. Rock or Rap: depends
036. Country or Screamo: both
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: nickelback
038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: lady gaga
039. Night or Day: i prefer night.
040. Sun or Moon: moon
041. TV or Internet: Internet
042. Playstation or xbox: laptop
043. Kiss or hug: both
044. Iguana or turtle: hate both
045. Spider or bee: hate both
046. Fall or spring: Fall
047. Limewire or iTunes: Ares
048. Soccer or baseball: badminton
049. Eating: Lot10 mango sweet
050. Drinking: Water
051. Excitement level: not sure
052. I'm about to: rushing midi assignments!!
053. Listening to: beautiful, dirty, rich - lady gaga
054. Plan for today: teach, sleep and rush midi assignments.
055. Waiting for: public holiday
056. Energy level: not sure
057. Thinking of someone: nobody
058. Want kids: yeah,
059. Want to get married: yeah
060. When: 10 years later
061. How many kids do you want: 2 or 3
062. Any name in mind: will think about it next time
063. What did you want to be when you were little: er.. polis -.-
064. Careers in mind: professional musician
065. Mellow future or wild: wild yeah
066. Something you would never try: bungee jumpppp
067. When do you want to die: ah... no idea ...
068. Lips or Eyes: both
069. Romantic or Funny: Sweet and Nice
070. Shorter or Taller: shorter .. 155 - 158 cm nia...
071. Protective or Caring: caring i guess?
072. Romantic or Spontaneous:
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: i want both
074. Sensitive or Loud: not sure
075. Hooked-up or Relationship: not sure
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant: not sure what's this
077. Muscular or Normal: Slim & Sexy
078. Kissed a stranger: no
079. Broken a bone:no
080. Lost glasses or contacts: yeah, got once i lost one side of my contacts. dam embarassing.
081. Ran away from home: never try before. but got think of it during the past.
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense: nope
083. Killed somebody: -.- nope
084. Broken someone's heart: i have no idea
085. Had your heart broken: yeah.
086. Been arrested: -.- no
087. Cried when someone died: yeah. my grandmother.
088. Liked a friend more than a friend: erm currently nope.
089. Yourself: genius? LOL
090. Miracles: usually don't happen on me
091. Love at first sight: not really
092. Heaven: dunno what to answer
093. Santa Claus: will see him during xmas
094. Tooth fairy: what is this???
095. Kiss in the first date: er...
096. Angels: dunno what to answer
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: nope.... single is good :)
098. Happy with where you're in life now?: erm.. yeah.. but i need more time!!
099. Do you believe in God?: erm.. nope
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 6 12 people:

hao jun
chun hien
woan jen
jia wai
a bunch of musicians
ying hui
yong jia


my 3 bday friends

Guess who's bday?

our miss chia car men :)

celebrated her bday at block D. That time the air cond wasn't functioning.

So we have to do it outside. The weather is still damn hot -.-

on the way going back block c.
ehem ** i TER- took this picture. sorry jia wen!

during break time choir class

another bday girl, Eunice Wong on the right

first time taking picture with carmen

Sue Keng, Eunice, Carmen
Sue keng's bday is on the day before.
Anyway we just celebrate their bday all together :)
thx ee ling and audrey for their bday cake too


Band class

Jia Wen took this picture coz she need to use this picture as reference for her music tech assignment.


My very first assessment in the band class. We performed The Greatest View by Silverchair.
They said they can't hear mine and ee ling's part. Sads.

From left : me, emmanuel, eeling, clarence, ganesan and yaw.


Stephen in magazine?

got this picture from irene's blog

Show me the magazine tomorrow irene!