Final : One down, tons to go

I still can't figure out who stole the cash out from my wallet but i suppose it should be some one i knew.

He/ She can just take my whole wallet away but why only for cash? i have my credit cards and maybank cards inside. hmmmzz..
Ok back to finals, most of my subjects are assignments based finals.

So I only have pop history II paper on the 13/8.

I handed in my project studio proposal today. and i left :-

4 MBE recordings and 4 improv recordings

Midi assignment 3.2 and final ( which i too sure what to do )

pop history thesis and ALL assignments

pop history listening exam on next thursday 6/8

not??? !! yeah, welcome to degree life, LOL

i also would like to shout out to you people, please do come over to UCSI university on the
6/8 - Choir concert, 8 p.m.
14/8 - Band concert, 8 p..m.
thank you.

stephen just gave me this yellow girl advertisement video on you tube. For those who's curious about the "yellow girl" which is we always mention. Please watch it then you will know why lol. We watch this advertisement for like 50 over times per day while got quarantine in korea. Enjoy~


Sandy's bday

in the computer lab now... freaking moody coz ......

RM 200 plus in my wallet GONE!!! i dunno when is it gone but definitely someone had stole it.

the very last time i open my wallet to take my cash was yesterday tea break before band class.

then only realize that my money had gone just now when i wanna have my lunch.


here are some pictures that we took during sandy's bday 2 / 3 weeks back.

will update jeju quarantine trip when i get those pics from kevin.

bi syen came over my place to wait for tze shyuan to pick us up.

we celebrated her bday @ the apartment, the curve.

toilet break.

a long time no see friend, jen :)

the bday girl, me, xm and tze shyuan.

another love birds, Leon and Sha Ting

sha ting, jen and vivi

we planned to give her a bday cake surprise. but failed.


happy girl

who's hand is that? lol

it didn't work much well..nothing on her face...

vivi cutting the cake ~


walked around the curve and take some pictures around before some of them went clubbing.

the girls.

robin, hao jun, daryl and sandy

me and sha ting~

sandy's classmate

look cool with the fedora yeah


Quarantine Trip

I'm tooo lazy to talk about this trip. but i do miss those time during quarantine. miss those people who get quarantine together. the fried chicken ( ahem) LOL and more...
first day head back to uni... feel damn tired and stressfull ...all finals coming up... lotsa undone assignments.
students having their piano exams real soon ... tons of replacement class coming up... :(
majority pictures is with kevin's camera. 1 k pic over there... dun play play.. haha...
wiill update pictures on my next post...

i'm back ! ! !

After got quarantined since last wednesday, finally i'm back from korea.

thx for those calls and messages whom i've received from u guys... appreciate it...

all of us back to malaysia safely AND HEALTHY.

aiks... still thinking whether going to uni tomorow or not...

and still, thx for my PTC colleagues who planned to replace some of my students.

we took tons of pictures even all of us got quarantined. haha... stay tuned.


In Jeju Island :)

it's already day 2 in korea, but there's lotsa happenings these 2 days.
the transition of flight is soo damn tired. All of us hadn't got a good sleep throughout the whole night. Bi ying says she's very tired tooo
gotta leave now adi... times out... 500 won per 20 mins.
my lou yaos do on9 tonight yeah.. will chat with ya girls...


happy birthday

happy 19th bday to my dearest lou yao here.
Sandy Lim

We had this early celebration with her and also a bunch of friends coz i won't be in malaysia on the day ( 14/7).

will update when i'm back from korea on sunday night.



i'm feeling kinda unwell now... omg hope i will recover asap! korea trip is just around 3 days time.

i was quite dissapointed when stephen told me the schedule of our trip.


which means we don't have any free time to .. hang out/club/shop/jalan jalan adiii

so my actual plan to visit the teddy bear museum definitely cancel adi.

sads :( i wish i have the chance to go in the museum.

* getting prepare to sandy's bday celebration.
might not staying that long coz i don't feel much well :(


station one

hi guys! i'm now in station one, usj taipan.

blogging here because eunice is here to replace to work as a singer for my friend.

other than listening to songs.. i'm also struggling to study music tech slides. there's quiz tomorow, thx huay may for reminding .. haha..

eunice and me :)

christina and stephen

4 of us

ahh back to study .... signing off :(


mid term ends

hello kawans!!

it's been almost a week i didn't update my blog.

had been really busy this whole week. mid terms... haih...

for my kawans who dunno, i'm going to korea on the 14/7 - 19/7 for the Jeju International Choir Festival.

yeah. So a camera and a pair of good shoes is MUST especially to go for trips like this.

bought a Sony camera which i hav mention previously last post.

And recently just bought a new pair of shoes from skechers.

Nice not? well, some of my friends say not nice. but is really comfortable when i wear on it.

RM 149 ok! urghs...

the sole of the shoe.

that pair of shoes comes with a FREE look alike "crocs" which cost RM 89. @.@

i wore the "crocs" to uni today. They said i look funny. zzz

but i dun care la.. gonna wear that to uni everyday. lol

it's dam comfortable okayy

and went to Italiannies with sandy and sha ting.
Leon is working there for his internship.

Leon taking my order

sandy and sha ting

my grilled salmon. yummmy!

i forgot what's this called. But it taste very nice.

p/s : some one is coming bak from australia next week!!