Choir mid terms

shit that.


i get so frustrated easily and I dunno how to control my temper. i ended up throw my temper to all my friends.


Today we had our choir mid terms.

After the mid term alot people ask me how's the feeling of playing the same song for 12 times. haha i felt each time i repeat the song i tend to goes faster. yeah i admit wanna end the song quick But somehow I felt everytime i play the song i'm like just sight reading. If you know what i mean.

Surprisingly, only few of them attended the sectional practice after the mid term, some were from the monday sectional practice, just to replace the one which they have miss during the raya holidays.

We ended the sectional practice quite early today, so i went next door to check out the soprano sectional practise, Rachel told me some weren't there. But compare to the altos the amount people whom attended the soprano sectional really different loh.

Of coz i knew why.

Quek told me that i'm stern to those juniors during the sectional practice

Eunice said that i'm fierce with the >_< face. Not everybody can accept the way i lead the sectional.

s i shall just keep quiet and play the damn piano.


Beyonce Concert

If you look below the poster, it was organised by Marctensia AND UCSI communication. WOW the first time UCSI organised something real big.
I was wondering if there's any discount for UCSI student who buy the tickets to the concert,
OR any free giving tickets for UCSI students, ( AT least to the students from the music department loh)
cehh....i know.. dream on... i just very the surprise ni.... xm's bday is on that day, of coz going to her bday dinner instead of beyonce concert.


Band Practice @ The Awakening

Ehsan's favourite place lol
We were rushing our next band assessment song.
Tutti Frutti - Little Richard

Rock and roll yo!

our *friendly dai lou *

Helping Rachel to get her parts done.....

Dave, the saxist lol

Rebecca said she have camera shy *

didn't look at the cam pulakkk

singer wannabe , heee i like the shadow~

while waiting for the others to get ready

i dun get this pose, haha

haha basist wanna be.. cehhhh..
actually thought of playing the bass guitar instead of keyboard bass for the song
after 2nd thought decided not to play coz i dun have time to practice.
next assessment is on next friday.... cannot screw uppp...


what a day....

dad is really mad and pissed off of my pop history II result...

yeah i failed the supp paper..... my internal marks ( quiz + mid terms) couldn't help me pass the exam even though i really studied and get better result in the supp paper. Blame myself....

Went dinner just now with him, No matter what i talk to him, He don't answer a single shit to me. Show me the black face sumore.

I don't see what's so big deal to fail a paper. I expect my dad would say try harder next time but in the end i get this kind of reaction.

today is a bad day.....


Carmen's new baby

All the best to you and your trumpet yeah!

glad to know that you will change your major to trumpet after this coming jury. :)


Station one @ ss15

monday went to station one with eunice at the very last minute to replace one of the singer.

the guy with the blue shirt which you can't see him coz the music stand blocking was eunice's partner, named Jonathan. He really can sing ! @@

and he's also the keyboardist for that night.

me and audrey were practising our two/ three part rhythm section coz the next day we have ear training quiz.

Both of us can't concentrate much as the music keep on distracting us.

and that's why i took out my laptop and snap tons of picture.

Actually we recorded few videos, but too bad my laptop dunno why can't record the sound. yeah, so didn't post up.


T. music festival and Arthur's Day

I really wanan go for this 2 events.

But nobody wanna go with me.
takkan i go there alone?

my friends either telling me not interested or no money.



Results + Tze Shyuan's Bday

aiks, got my results today.

i failed pop history II. :(

Gonna take supp paper next week. Damn gotta study hard for it adi.

other sub also ma ma dei. but at least other's passed.

Started the new semester and my time table is so packed coz it's a short semester and i have to go uni every weekdays. Not to forget i have jury 1 in this semester. DIE LOH. i have choosen the song but totally unprepare and i still have 8 weeks for it.

but all this gonna last for 2 months. and after that i will have another 2 months semester break!!!

Tze Shyuan Bday

not worth to eat. not going there anymore.


leon , sha ting

nick, vivi

tze shyuan and xm

steven, bi syen

with shu ren in

group pic without Yee Chern and Daniel. They left early.

group pic 2

After the dinner we went to the rooftop coz my car was parked there.
found out the view and decided to stay around to ss.


The guys headed to play pool after that.