Bi Syen Bday

Happy CNY and Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends.

Gong xi Gong xi.

No CNY for me this year and is my first time staying back @ kl during CNY holidays too. Usually went back to ipoh every year.

will spend my CNY / Valentine's Day by playing violin/piano @ garden cafe, 1 utama. 6 - 10 p.m.

the previous one was in the curve, now is @ 1 utama. Don't go to the wrong place if ya wanna support me lol!


celebrated bi syen's bday @ nihonkai. His bday was suppose to be on 1/2. but we celebrated it a week later.

his current facebook profile picture -.-

He said that the cawan mushi cup looks like the chinese tea cup. wth!!

Sha Ting brought a cake from RT pastry.

We manage to surprise him with the cake because we told him before that we didn't buy any cake for him for his bday lol.

He gave us a shock face when we brought in the cake. hahahah too bad we didn't get any pics of that face

the usual tradition..

it was also Ah Huey's farewell dinner also!! She's leaving to australia very soon for studies. aihs.. dunno when i can get to see her again...

a picture with the faler. lol

omg i love sha ting's dress!!

too bad i'm not that tall as her. if i wear like that i sure look even shorter.

group pic :)


natacion said...

hahahahaa you suck

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