So Sick

Can you feel the stress???

Finals is coming up next week till the 16th. And i'm so not in good condition now. Lost my voice for few days and now coughing and having cold. My nose block like crazy since ytrday night, i have to use my mouth to breath. It's so sam fuuuuuuu. Plus hearing some ppl complaining so much about it just making me feel pissed off. I did most of the work i din even say a word. AND now u are posting it in FB complain about it? COME ON !!! GO GET A LIFE DUDE. YOU CAN JUST QUIT AND GO BACK HOME ENJOY UR LIFE. EVERYBODY IS FEELING STRESS AND HECTIC NOW. NOT ONLY YOU!!

Next monday composition final project due.
Next tues Ear Training and Song Writing due.
Next thursday Ear Training and Choir Concert
Next friday band finals.

15th for HAMM
16th for Pop History I.

I know there are more ppl have more subject and projects to passed up other than this.
I'm not complaining OKAY. Just writing it to remind myself how close the finals was.

will blog after my finals. Bye.


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