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Song Lin's Farewell dinner @ TGIF, Gardens.

She decided to quit her studies in KL and head back to her home, Penang.

I don't really know what she wanna do after this, but anyway all the best to you and good luck :)

Stephen and Christina brought her a huge bear.

I brought her a photo frame stick with lotsa our pictures full with memories in it.

Is my first time doing it btw, i've tried my best to cut all the pictures, hope you like it

all of us signed our name behind the photo frame.

Eunice made her a sweet video. but the environment was too noisy we can't hear the sound. just the pictures. If it was with the sound she sure cry like crazy..... haha

Song lin din cry mana tau Phyllis cried. hahaha.....

Stephen stole the hat from the fake cactus and put it on song lin's hat lol!!

posing with the hat, haha

song lin with stephen and christina <3>the only group pic we took on that day

Phyllis and Piercz send Song Lin to Kl Central then all of us head to Dr. Cafe, Mont Kiara a.k.a. the best coffee in the world .... -.-

I'm don't really like the coffee that i've ordered. It is some kind of orange biscuit blend with ice. Weird taste, but phyllis like it.

Thx to Christina, majority of our photos taken by her canggih-ness DSLR.

I wanted to post the video which was made by Eunice, but it still fail after several times trying to upload it. aih.. give up...

ps : going to Universal Studio tomorrow!! excited ! haha...

c ya guys......




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