how i feel now

some friends around me changed alot. Dissapoint me alot. It doesn't go the way where i expect them to react. I felt so hurt when they react like this. I felt that i'm no longer close with them. If you are reading this, u think is u, den is u.

Feeling so complicated now. I dunno how to react infront of this people. Act close to them? Act like nothing happen? It feels sucks.

Not really in the mood.



Clown Princess of Crime said...

If that's how you feel, then maybe you should try talking with them. If they start to be complicated, it means it's time to move on, maybe make new friends or just focus on yourself and living life. It's going to hurt, but there's always someone there to help you back up.

Anonymous said...

i really understand you, i am feeling the same way about mines, i feel that i don't know them and that i don't know what to expect anymore

Anonymous said...

well, "take care of yourself first" may seem selfish but that's life, girl. That is just life.. Learn it, pick it up. One day, you'll know what I tell you today is just good for you and for everyone. :)
Slim down.... exercise..... good for you. Nothing is impossible.. only if you have the heart and determination !!

yogidark said...


Sonia Tralalalala said...

I know that feeling a lot... When your closest friends turn to be complete strangers... It's so hard, so difficult to get over it, to realize that anything is as easy as it seemed. The worst thing about it is that those friends don't realize it and you feel like "Hello? Am I the only one?". But there's a way to get over it, you have to make efforts. And it's only up to you. Work on that relationship, don't loose that special friendship that has kept you together. Or just...let it go for some time and then you'll see you'll have lots of things to tell to each other, you'll rediscover the other. I know it hurts, so do you, so try to find little things that make you smile. (:

Maybe you'll like to float with us... http://floatstardust.blogspot.com
We had the same problems last year, you know? It was so difficult but now we're happy again (:

xx & good luck! Be strong! Never give up!
Sonia & Angie <3

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